Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Where The Wild Ones are!

Full credit to Simon Matless to that beautiful title.

Who are Sonnia and Hoffman? Long live Rollins Black!

So Wyrd have dropped an utter beauty of a crew box for Gencon.

Just look at that Beauty!

Where to start with this?

The Puns! 
Well firstly let's talk puns, anyone with and even the briefest interactions with me will doubtless become painfully aware of my deep seated love of a good pun. So in this box set we get references to punk legends:

Henry Rollins/Black Flag
Iggy Pop & The Stooges
The Runnaways
The Ramones
Patti Smith
& Stinky Toys

That's a glorious collection of pun work, kudos Wyrd. Kudos.

The Models
Well now. Personally I'm a big fan of post apocalypse movies and this box set just screams Mad Max Malifaux, which in hindsight makes perfect sense given this is off the back of Kythera.
It also allows me to create a nice solid aesthetic theme, throwing Watchers, Wardens, Guardians and a Peacekeeper or to put it another way all those models I've been using with Hoffman will get some use! Plus biker gang with robots? C'MON! Yes even Guardians. No really, they're good models. Fantastic defensive models with a terrible attack, if only there was a Master that could improve their attacks dramatically.

Also, that warning label.

The Master
Well now. I know nothing about McCabe. Nothing. Currently.

I have faced him only once, in interference and it was a pasteing. However, frankly, this is probably the best result one could of hoped for. Reading through his cards and a few articles/podcast there really doesn't appear to be a strategy he can't do and even in my fledgling machinations one can already see how you'd go about all strategies. I have a checklist for masters that is as follows:

  • Can they push things about? Pushes are amazing, seriously Malifaux gamers are the only folk that get excited about 2-3 inches (hehehehe). Headhunter, interference, steak a claim et al are all made immeasurably easier by some good solid pushes.
  • Can they facilitate interactions? Either by AP exchange or additional activations, anything that requires direct interactions with the opposing crew is made, again, immeasurably easier by a master or method that helps.
  • Killing. Can they straight up kill things or make the crew better at killing things. This one is more nebulous and varied than the rest but of course very important in many Strats/Schemes or frankly play styles (looking at you Panzer).
McCabe fulfills all of the above so I can honestly say I am very pleased due to the huge versatility of The Master.

The Shenanigans

Now whilst some have begun to occur to me, I am sure there is considerably more nonsense that hasn't even begun to permeate just yet. But yes Pale Riders with the sabre late game doing min dmg 7, reactivating Death Marshalls delivering Executioners, and of course all the Hound nonsense.  The shenanigans is strong with this one.

The future is bright, first game tomorrow and not a lot of time left to learn this one.
Time to get Rollin.

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