Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Falling at the first hurdle

Well now, I was wrong wasn't I!

First hurdle, bam! Fell straight of the horse. Ha! Horse, irony.  Despite being utterly convinced that it would not be a duel faction master, clearly I was very wrong.

I can pretty much throw away my practice games with Hoffman and Sonnia (whom I've gotten some great games in with and was going to do a game report but there doesn't appear to be much point now). Largely I can chalk my now relevant Guild learnings so far upto "Austringers and Francisco are pretty good right?"

A shame in a way, Hoffman making a peacekeeper min dmg 6 and Sonnia flame wall board control were son genuine highlights of the last few weeks gaming, also im very proud of my Papa Loco paint job who now won't be neccessary. Was very much looking forward to some Brutal Emmissary shenanigans with both of those Masters, but no longer.

So Sonnia and Hoffman go back on the shelf, their tokens and cards removed from my gaming travel pack, time to look to the future! 

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