Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A long overdue post

Whilst there has been something of a lull in my posts of late, this has been largely due to most of my spare time being filled with one of two activities: Playing Guild! and Painting Guild! That and attending my first tournament as Guild (run expertly by the ever hospitable Panzer and Claire)...which in turn was my worst ever showing at a tournament. Gone from coming 2nd with Dreamer at my last tournament, to 21st with Guild who said anything about Neverborn being broken *cough*.

Since I last posted back in August I have played approximately 30 games with my new found faction, a few games with Nellie now that I have that boxset (just as much fun as I thought it would be!) Some Dr McMourning, and some Lady Justice.  Now those of you with a keen sense of observation will notice that none of these are either Lucas McCabe or in fact Rollins Black (ok you may all have noticed this).  Why is this? Well....

McCabe/Black is an incredibly versatile Master.  I don't believe that I am surprising anybody by saying that nor is it a great shock.  However what took me a little time to realise, the kind of realisation that only really comes with a good number games under ones belt with a specific Master, is that having an incredibly versatile Master and ones dependancy on that versatility is not the same as being a versatile player oneself. There are on occasion times when versatility, powerful a tool though that may be, is not in fact an advantage.

If you're reading this then I'm going to assume you listen to at least some of the many Malifaux related Podcasts that are around which discuss many aspects of the hobby.  You may even have heard Mike Marshall describe me as incredibly nice on his Podcast (he didn't mention my blog by name, so I'm not going to mention his podcast by name :P). On episode 23 of Schemes and Stones (embedded at the end of this blog) Maria Wieland in her tactica on Hamelin described the Outcast Rat obsessed Tyrant as (and I'm paraphrasing somewhat here) "at his best when the Schemes and Strategies conflict with one another" and that has largely become my approach to McCabe/Black.  Having Hunting Party in the scheme pool is great when Headhunter or Reckoning is the Strategy, they go to gather well, but what about in Interference? this to me is where Black/McCabe shines, when the Strategy is asking you to do one thing, but the scheme pool another.  I'd be interested to know if other factions have this "Strats &Scheme conflict Master"?

In short having an incredibly versatile Master is not the same, nor is at as powerful, as being versatile and well versed in a variety of play styles yourself.  Hence my recent games with Nellie, McMourning and Lady Justice. Now of those 30 games around two thirds of them have been with McCabe/Black so I still feel I am entering properly into the spirit of the "the bet".  I don't think I am breaking any of my self imposed the rules, implied or inferred or otherwise. The wording was simple, "Take this years Nightmare edition crew box to UK Nationals" this will be done, will I use him every game? no and I don't think I would be fully representing myself were I to mono-master the whole tournament (I don't think that is how the game is meant to be played, but that is another topic entirely that I could for hours on).

Preparation, both practice and painting continues for the Nationals.  Hell I may even give this guy some table time...


Sunday, 7 August 2016

The 4 Ps of event advertising

We interupt your regular scheduled Guild based blogging to bring you the following rant helpful message.

Not often I post on real world topics but I thought I would on this particular issue as it is something I see missed a great deal, have professional experience with, and that is (as the title suggests) how to put information in the advertisement for your gaming event.  Now most of these are done consistently, except one which seems to be weirdly forgotten on a regular basis.

Yesterday I attended the excellent Useless Duplications run by Ben Harris and Claire Hearn, whilst I still maintain the event should've been called Bencon it was logistically very solid. Now I'm going to go into more depth later on in the week about my individual performance, what I've learned about McCabe in these games and how I intend to develop this Master going forward but for now I want to quickly touch on the 4 Ps as Useless Duplications made use of them and it showed by the full house of sweaty sweaty hot nerd flesh.

The 4 Ps are ostensibly:

  • People
  • Promotion
  • Price
  • Place
These are essentially the 4 minimum categories of information any event (be it a concert, festival, sporting event or yes indeed a Malifaux tournament) that the ticket buying public need to be aware of in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to attend.

Who is the event for? This bit is pretty much always done, because it's a Malifaux tournament for Malifaux players. We know this bit.  If Warmachine players turn up expecting a game it's because you've not done this bit.  If Magic players turn up to your tournament it's because somebody lifted up a rock and they are apparently everywhere.

Again, on the whole, this bit is always done although I have seen it change in the lead up to events (but that was well communicated so all good) . In essence what is it you are promoting? If it is a 5 round, GG2016, fixed Faction, 50ss event on the 5th of May 2016 09:30 - 17:00, say it is a 5 round, GG2016, fixed Faction, 50ss event on the 5th of May 2015 09:30 - 17:00.  If it is a 30ss crew box, 3 round beginner event on October 12th 2017, say so. Equally if you're offering lunch or not offering lunch, tell people.  Tell people all the things!

Tell people how much things cost. This bit is consistently done. Go you guys! 

It was all going so well! and there for some reason this last P seems to get omitted over and over again. I don't know what it is about it,  but I frequently see advertisements for events with just the name of the venue. This is not enough. No it isn't, it really is not.  To misquote Stan Lee "Every Spiderman comic is somebodies first Spiderman comic, so tell them the origin story in every issue" and the same is true of your event advertisement.  Every event advert is the first time somebody has heard of your venue, you may have been going to Bobs house of critical hits for 15 years but I've never heard of it, so I don't know where it is or even what country it is in.  So tell me, put the whole address on there.  Or I won't know if I can come or not.

This was done perfectly for Useless Duplications, I knew everything I needed to which allowed me to make an informed decision about whether or not I could attend. Which I did.

Go look at any concert poster in your home town, spot the 4 Ps.  Now look at your forum post pushing your event and ask yourself if you can do the same thing.  Cheers ;)

TL;DR? Tell people where your goddam event is. Kthxbai.

Friday, 22 July 2016

+++Hold the press!+++

Well this is a Guild blog and some pretty big Guild news happened yesterday so in the time honoured tradition of newspapers I shall bring you yesterday's news, today!  Now admittedly there was largely the same news for all other factions as well but....nevermind them.

Nellie Cochrane; intrepid reporter, pithy journalist and propaganda machine of the imperialist dictatorship that he Guild have come to represent best friend to all of the citizens of Malifaux.

Front card stats

6s for DF and WP make me happy as well they should you. High but not game breakingly so (naughty Perdita) and with the Francisco upgrade this can become a mighty 8/8 should you so wish.  11 wounds is certainly hardy, not the toughest by a long stretch but solid certainly.  A wk of 5 is enough to keep her moving and maintains the Guilds usual slow feel. No CG is a little disappointing, no moving her around with Mounted Guard but fair enough really. Charging into a fight isn't really her thing. Solid stats, not silly, not OP, not weak. Solid.  DF trigger does have a tome built in but this is principally used for the upgrade Transparency (see below, waaaaay below)

Front Card Abilities

Revisionist History, certainly a new and interesting defensive mechanic allowing you to always cheat damage flips against Nellie. Always. Doesn't matter if it's a joker or how many neg flips were involved you can always cheat damage flips against her. Combined with Soulstone useage for prevention Nellie will be able to very reliably reduce the amount of incoming damage directed against her in a massively frustrating manner for your opponent which currently has absolutely no hard counter beyond the usual ways of preventing Soulstone prevention. It's not NPE but it could well be enough to put an opponent off giving a concerted effort to bring Nellie down. I'm going to talk more on Nellies control hand and card useage later but needless to say this ability will be a significant contribution to how one uses her hand.

Evidence, all other front card abilities she has are directly related to Evidence so probably best to discuss exactly what that does and how one gains it.  Evidence is a stacking condition that lasts till the end of the turn.  It can be gained in one of three ways that we currently know about:

  • At the beginning of her activation Nellie may use her Creative Reporting ability to toss a card and gain a stack of Evidence. Any even remotely familiar with Yan Lo will find this familiar
  • If an enemy model with aura 8" of Nellie takes an interact action of any kind or Ap cost, Nellies In Plain Sight ability will allow her to gain a stack
  • The attack action Scathing Review (naturally more on this later) has a built in trigger to gain a stack of Evidence

There is then a very wide way of using the Evidence condition to Nellies advantage.

  • Run From the Truth, opponent wiffed an attack action within aura 8"? Why just reduce Evidence by 1 and push her upto 4" in any direction of your choosing. Yes, you read that correctly, movement shenanigans right on the front of a Guild masters cards. Hell if one of your own models misses including Nellie herself you can do this! Phenonemally powerful, just think that last AP trying to take an opponent model down, the attacks fails but instead of being left arse in the breeze you can just push 4" away to safety!
  • If at the end of the turn Nellie still has Evidence the condition will end and she will place a single scheme marker into base contact with Nellie
  • Her Propaganda attack has three built in triggers, and by reducing Evidence she can trigger more of these triggers on a 1:1 basis. Typically, more on this later. 

This is an incredibly versatile condition, it buffs attacks, it drops scheme markers and it pushes the Master around giving her both survivability and mobility and with an upgrade you can even use it not acticate a model and make your opponent go again! The only thing more this condition could do is make your opponent get a round in. Fantastic Swiss Army knife of a tool.

Rear card actions

 One thing becomes immediately apparent when looking at Nellies attack actions. No not the high Ca, not the built in Ram for each of them but more on that later. Every attack is Vs WP, every single one. Previously unheard of in Guild, opponents will now not be able to entirely discount putting WP and WP buffs into crews, it's no longer all about the DF. This is bigger than most will think in my (never) humble opinion.

(1) Scathing Review anything with Ca 7 gets my attention and this is no different. 10" range vs WP (whoop!) which gives out two conditions. Firstly thanks to the built in trigger Informant (if your not now singing informer by Snow in your head we can't be friends anymore) Nellie gains a stack of Sweet sweet Evidence. It will also give the target model a surprisingly insidious condition called Humiliation. This lovely condition last until the end of the game in much the same way blighted does, sadly it doesn't stack like blighted does but that would be horrific so probably a good thing. What it does do if make the affected model take 2 dmg whenever it activates.   The opponent can get rid of this condition (once they've activated of course) simply by placing a scheme marker. Which combos beautifully with In Plain Sight to give Nellie even more Evidence.  Synergy! Synergy right there in the goddam card!

(1) Propaganda ooh what a beaut! Ca 6 Vs WP at 10" again.  Now the 1/3/4 damage track is nothing write home about but the triggers, oh the triggers! The built in Ram allows you to either push the target 5", give them slow or give a friendly model within 2" of the target a free swing at them. Critically you can lower Evidence to declare additional triggers, only ever needing the built in Ram and not additional Rams and even more critically (if such a thing is possible) you choose the order they happen. So yes you can ping something for 1dmg, push it 5" next to a Peacekeeper and then have the Peacekeeper batter it all for 1 stack of Evidence. That's board control, killing power, opponent ap manipulation all in 1 frankly awesome attack. Equally there is nothing to stop you using this to push your own models about. 1 Dmg for 5" push? Works for Queeg, works for Nellie.

(1) Hot off the Presses! As before Ca6 Vs WP but only 8" this time. Place enemy model 8" next to one of your friendly scheme markers. Ha! You, get on the naughty step. In a game of who can move the most efficiently this is hilarious. So many cases to shift models out of scoring zones, into wrong areas, next to massive beaters. Anytime your opponent needs to be in a certain spot or stack auras (looking at you Gremlins) this will straight up ruin their day. Oh and then mit does burning +3.

Lastly (0) Lead allows you to discard a scheme markers to push up to 6". Given how easily she can place scheme markers for no AP this largely means even more movement nonsense for Nellie, and she can't even walk this fast! In words of McPiggish, Absolutely Brilliant.


Well we've seen/heard a lot of updates of late so lots more to talk about and update here! Thank you to all Podcast producers for your sterling work in the lead up to this years Gencon.

So then:

Guild Funds
Evidence management upgrade.  
When successfully attacked, gives Nellie a trigger to build evidence. Evidence spent at end of turn can be used to either heal models or regain Soulstones, give models Hard To Kill as well an ability called Journalistic Spin allowing her to claim condition kills nearby as her kill in much the someway that the Firestarter does already for The Archaists.  

Potentially worth it purely for Evidence building but not my favourite by far.

Hire Pool upgrade.
Allows Nellie to hire unto 4 mercenary models without paying the traditional mercenary tax.  These mercenaries may not be hired from either the Resurrectionist or Neverborn factions.
Also adds a trigger to Nellies Hot off the Presses! tactical action to add burning to the model moved, allowing Nellie to move her own crew via this ability without doing damage as well.

I can see a lot of folks using this, perhaps to their detriment.  Merck will only ever be useful when they fulfil a role not already performed by a Guild model.  Now this does bring Taelor in when facing summoners, it does bring in Johan/Johanna for a significant upgrade over Witchlings for condition removal and damage (still molasses slow of course, but Nellie can help out there massively) but this upgrade is not the autotake it will doubtless be labelled initially and it will only be as useful as the models it is used to hire and how effectively they are used.  

Again not my favourite.

Misleading Headlines
Activation Control upgrade.
By lowering evidence by 1 or by discarding a card allows Nellie to "pass" an activation.  Additionally (as if that wasn't enough!) gives Nellie the Incite action previously exclusive to the Neverborn previously!

THIS! THIS IS MY FAVOURITE! dear various gods it is beautiful.

AP support upgrade.
Allows Nellie to give her crew the Fast condition through the ability Assignments People! Fast Peacekeepers? why not! Fast Judge allowing him to get off a whopping (and resource exhausting) 12 attacks in activation? This ability has 2 triggers built in, one placing a scheme marker in base contact (so I for one will be using this to give the opponent crew fast and then popping out buried models from the Emissary right next to them then! just as long as the target has activated already of course).  The other trigger will let Nellie lower her evidence to perform some more minor healing.  Having the option to heal will always be welcome.  May not always be used each round, but great to have nonetheless. 

Scheme marker upgrade.

Adds a tome trigger to all Journalist that when attacked they will drop a scheme marker in base contact with them. Situationally useful and bottom of the list for me.  Nellie has plenty of other ways of dropping markers, although it does have potential for some schemes.

Other Nellie Thoughts 

Control hand/Resources

This, for me, is where Nellie is weakest.  Nellie wants a lot of cards and preferably bad ones.  Pitching cards for activation control or sweet sweet Evidence to pass activation, cheat damage etc. She is going to run out of resources quickly and this is where the skill level of players will be the largest determining factors.  Those that can quickly take to her resource management style will be the head of the curve.

Models I want to try with Nellie 

Peacekeeper, because I can throw models at it and make it take more ml actions. Because reasons.

Death Marshall, as above and because throwing enemy models into range of pine box will be both a) hilarious and b) will be keeping my fragile Death Marshalls safe whilst still being effective.
Brutal Emissary; no Specific conflux card for Nellie sure, but with a Master that can make the opponent throw down scheme markers and the Emissary being able to unbury models next to any scheme marker in LoS? Well now, that is a beautiful Executioner delivery system!
Hannah, More cards! MORE CARDS!
Austringers, Push Nellie 2" and drop a scheme marker, use scheme marker for 6" push.  Moving a Master 8" without spending any of her AP? Who said Guild don't have movement nonsense?!
Her crew box in general now that we know more! more information on that below.

Crew box models.

Phiona Cage, Henchmen.

Originally intended as an Arcanist Master and now a Guild Henchmen.  Make of that what you will.  Enormous Scythe wielding beatstick.

Has a Smell Fear like ability, previously not very useful in a faction with limited (at best) WP attacks, but Nellie has of course changed all of that. So that Propaganda push will result in 2 attacks from Phiona Cage once per turn.

Gains Positive flips to attacks vs models that have already activated this turn.  Read that again in conjunction with the above.  Yup. You read that right.

Oh and she gains +1DF whilst in base contact with terrain, and is unimpeded. Yes, an unimpeded beatstick in Guild.

No terrain on the board? well she can just make some for you. Her Command Stone ability lets her make a ht5 impassible blocking terrain piece. 

Are we sure she's not still an Arcanist master model?

Oh and she pushes friendly models away when she charges in (like Mounted Guard/Francisco do I am presuming).  Oh and she cleaves in melee.

Phenomenal sounding Henchmen.

Field Reporters, Scheme running minion.

Disguised, Unimpeded, WK5, Manipulative 12. Attacks hand out slow, push models away.  Can target enemy scheme markers, place a friendly one in base contact, and then remove enemy markers.

It's as if Performers, Fingers, Nurses & Ronin were all combined into one amazing model and then had it's cost reduced to 5ss.  Can not wait to get these on the table. You should be excited for these if you are Guild player. Yes you should.

Printing Press, Totem

Armour +2, Arcane Reservoir! (no really). That enough already makes this thing worthwhile as Nellies Totem.

It has an attack that hands out slow to enemy models? Sounds fantastic, but I'm not sure I want it anywhere near the enemy as I want to keep all of the front card abilities in play.  The Arcane Reservoir upgrade is 2ss in Arcanists, for 3ss this Totem is that upgrade but without having to take up an upgrade slot and being an early turn activation.  That is an enormously efficient use of 3ss.

It can also hand Nellie Evidence.  Could this be the best Guild Totem ever?


In short, I am very curious about this Master and loving the Evidence condition and Propganda attacks.  The ability to move people around 8" is huge in Malifaux and has so manuy applicaiatons to Strategies.  Another one for the Gencon order then!

Normal McCabe service will resume shortly.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Wrong McCabe

Game 3: Extraction

An important game this one seeing as it was both against a new opponent (albeit one I knew locally but had somehow never played) and a considerably more experienced McCabe player than I, so was a great opportunity to learn.  He'd probably refute that last part, but as above this was game 3 for me as McCabe so I'm sticking with "considerably more experienced". I declared Guild, my opponent Ten Thunders Tom, well no surprises really.

Now given the pre flipped scheme pool I developed a degree of a plan: take a more elite crew than usual, take the centre and achieve activation control in the time honoured fashion of killing folk. But what of schemes? It is fair to say at this stage I dithered massively, something that irritates me enormously! In hindsight a more obvious and satisfying plan emerges but in the moment...well you'll see.

  • Firstly I decided not to do Convict Labour, I wanted to try something else and with access to Tengu and Ten Thunders Brothers Tom would be able to deny that easily in my mind. 
  • Frame for Murder? No, not this time. I wanted an elite crew so figured the glowing saber would be doing the killing from a minion rather than Henchmen/Leader. Plus any henchmen was bound to be Yu surely?
  • Leave Your Mark? Possibly, as long as I could penetrate the backfield unmolested somehow.
  • Take Prisoner, not a fan usually. Only ever gotten it to work once.
  • Neutralise the leader: yes. Firstly to get rid of "that imposter McCabe" (got to love some fluff) and also because I figured I would be able to rain down bullets before TTMcCabe got into combat and got that df up to 7.
With the above in mind my crew selection was as to the right. Take the centre, armour aura from Peacekeeper, hit hard and often. Now hindsight is a wonderful thing but what I should've done was ball up, hold that Extraction marker and dare my opponent to come near the centre. Kill McCabe the Imposter and then do something else, let my opponent skirt the edges doing convict labour and leave your mark etc but the middle would be mine! Play for ten!
It is so obvious now. Take prisoner on Luna, keep her engaged and df 6 and defensive, only attack at the end of the turn when control hand is "sadly gone". Kill Imposter McCabe, rescue the dog! I mean come on! It writes itself.

What I instead tried was leave your mark with the Lone Marshal. Fair to say I won't be doing so again. My game largely fell apart turn 1, spreading my forces thinly by sending the Pale rider off to the left flank and the lone marshal to the right. The upshot of this was essentially leaving everything exposed and vulnerable allowing my opponent to out activate, gang up, isolate and remove models at will.  The Rider was charged by a Saber wielding Luna who red jokered damage reducing him to 2wds before the game had really started. Turn two, seeing the rider was dead this turn I activated McCabe early to get him back within 10" so I could at least retrieve the glowing saber when he was killed. I doubled down on the Lone Marshall leave your mark attempt when I should've cut my losses on that particular scheme. He would be eventually killed by Sensei Yu and not score a point for the doomed scheme.  By turn 3 with no Rider and the Marshall irrelevant my Austringers started peppering McCabe and over two turns scored me 3pts for Neatralise the Leader.  Amazing what happens when you stick to the plan! But consolation prizes aside it was over already, i'd scored extraction only once in turn 2, no longer having the models to do so turn 3 onwards.

Full credit to my opponent, his plan was well thought out and stuck to. Played for ten and got ten. Plus it was wonderful to see McCabe in action on the other side of the faction table. Oh that reactivating Dawn serpent! (Naturally I immediately poured over the list of Guild Minions for a similarly expensive/effective Guild Minion to do this trick with and found nothing, perhaps in wave 4!).

Lessons learned are simple ones. 

  • When you have a plan, use it.
  • Some plan is better than reactionary nonsense.

Now both of these lessons should've been learned long ago but apparently I needed reminding so thank you to my opponent for that lesson!

Lastly, what a pleasure it was to play against such a beautifully painted crew, fantastic work all round. Was ashamed to be dropping lumps of grey plastic vs such a delicately and well considered crew. Kudos Tom, very inspirational. Must get paint on models!

10-4 to McCabe! The wrong McCabe.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Inaugural McCabery

So, if you're reading this I'm going to assume you're familiar with the whole premise of how all this came about and why. On the off chance you've no idea what I'm talking about: bet made, bet lost, nightmare edition crew from Gencon for UK Nationals, won't be duel faction, totallly is though bro, best get some practice in.

Clear? Marvellous.

So yesterday saw my first outing for McCabe against a local opponent with whom I have a split 50/50 record. Seemed an excellent opportunity for a first game, knew I'd be facing Arcanists but largely I ignored that in crew selection because I'm Guild now goddamit and it is therefore all about me clearly!

Game 1: Extraction

Normally I'd like to have throw something nice and survivable, a summoner or a very killy master into the middle here. McCabe kind of fits, kind of doesn't fit that description, in much the same way he kinda fits lots of descriptions. But McCabe it is! We knew that much going in so it's hardly a surprise!

  • Convict labour on a flank board? Always a fan of that. Definitely one for the maybe pile.  
  • Show of force, usually a favourite no longer has the same appeal. McCabes upgrades naturally don't count and aren't cheap, so I suspected I wouldn't have a lot to go around in that regard.
  • Exhaust their forces. Not a fan personally a savvy opponent can deny by either sacrificing their own models or frankly by running away.
  • Mark for death. Do I try and live the dream? The Death Marshal constant boxing dream? No, probably not.
  • Quick murder. There we go, there's something to get my teeth into.
With the above considered I went with:

Whilst I want to try Promises out on McCabe, I also REALY want to fully understand his upgrade/loan system, that being his core mechanic and all. The three upgrades seemed to give me a nice spread of defensive, offensive and maneuverability.

Luna and the Hounds (not a punk band) would make Convict Labour simple enough, equally the Death Marshal/Executioner combo should let me threaten early game enough for Quick Murder.  Pale Rider being survivable enough if played cautiously early game to hold the extraction marker.

My opponent put down Toni Ironsides, fire starter, 2 gunsmiths, Johan, arcane effigy and a couple of molemen. With 4 7ss models to choose between I plumped for the reckless 7wd fire starter.

Game went roughly to plan, Luna and the hounds had Convict Labour sewn up by the start of turn 2 and with a relatively slow opposition that had committed to the centre it seemed he had resigned to not being able to remove any markers.  I over extended the death marshal early game (with boxed executioner inside), however my opponent did the same with fire starter using reckless to get him up the board to get burning on the Death Marshal so that the Gunsmith could light him up, which they most certainly did! Fortunately this popped the Executioner out within charge range of his target. Through judicious use of Soulstones and flipping the Fire Starter stayed alive but with only 1wd remaining. I forget who killed him, but he didn't last long.  Admittedly neither did the Executioner, a fair model trade all in all and I got my 3vp from it critically.

I was now reasonably assured of at least 6vp, a good place to be end of turn 2.  So now it became a case of throwing everything to the centre, whilst Luna ramn home to keep the hounds significant (this was probably a mistake).  Pale rider, armed with the Glowing Sabre, was sat at min dmg 4 ignoring most everything, so went off to make friends with the molemen and effigy, the Wastrel strutted about throwing out an armour aura whilst McCabe himself got stuck in taking advantage of that df7. He would eventually get pull off his horse and murdered (being marked for death each time! Must keep an eye out for that in the future!) and both he and the pale rider gave up exhaust their forces.

In the end the game ended 9-9, last flip of the game killed a hound denying me that 4th Extraction point. If only Luna had hung around!

Lessons learned in short, the crew scores points but isn't great at denial.  The dm/executioner combo will kill things but will die in return. Pale Rider with Glowing Sabre is hilarious. Need to find a use for dogs once they've scored points other than activations.

Game 2: Headhunter

Both feeling pretty good about the draw, me because of it being the first time using McCabe and my opponent because of the Ironsides handicap.

  • Convict Labour worked so well last time, I wonder if I can do it again on a standard board. Having a good Convict Labour tactic is golden I find. 
  • Show of force? Still nope.
  • Hunting party? Maybe, definitely a maybe.
  • Search the ruins, this one struck me as a challenge. More importantly, a challenge I could do!
  • Quick murder I'm now reasonably confident I can pull off as before, all about that trade though.
In the end I went for Convict Labour (could I do it on a standard board?) and Search the Ruins, could I do it all?

In a shock move that will surprise anyone I have ever games with ever, I took exactly the same crew. No really, I really did. I have witnesses and everything.  Opponent went for Colette, Cassandra, 2 Molemen, 2 Coryphee and Envy.

Once more Luna and the hounds had Convict Labour sorted by Turn 2, by turn 3 had made significant contributions to Search the Ruins. They then promptly haven my opponents Hunting Party. Whoops.

A reactivating nimble Death Marshal charging and Pine Boxing Colette made me laugh, the taxi'd Executioner promptly ate Envy, taking out scheme markers in the process for the extra attacks. Colette a standard acknowledged next turn but thanks to an amazing control hand and equally great flipping by the Death Marshal it took his entire crew.  The Executioner tore lumps out of Colette before she sensibly teleported away.

Pale Rider did his thing, killed lots and pushed around placing scheme markers for Search the Ruins which combined with the Death Marshals finish the job got me Search the ruins.

It all came down to the last flips of the game where I moved the Rider to block line of sight to Cassandra so she couldn't be prompted to pick up a head. 9-8 victory to McCabe!

Great couple of first games and I've learned one very important details: I enjoy McCabe massively and that alone is enough to make me very happy right now!

Next week Guild McCabe Vs Ten Thunders McCabe 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Where The Wild Ones are!

Full credit to Simon Matless to that beautiful title.

Who are Sonnia and Hoffman? Long live Rollins Black!

So Wyrd have dropped an utter beauty of a crew box for Gencon.

Just look at that Beauty!

Where to start with this?

The Puns! 
Well firstly let's talk puns, anyone with and even the briefest interactions with me will doubtless become painfully aware of my deep seated love of a good pun. So in this box set we get references to punk legends:

Henry Rollins/Black Flag
Iggy Pop & The Stooges
The Runnaways
The Ramones
Patti Smith
& Stinky Toys

That's a glorious collection of pun work, kudos Wyrd. Kudos.

The Models
Well now. Personally I'm a big fan of post apocalypse movies and this box set just screams Mad Max Malifaux, which in hindsight makes perfect sense given this is off the back of Kythera.
It also allows me to create a nice solid aesthetic theme, throwing Watchers, Wardens, Guardians and a Peacekeeper or to put it another way all those models I've been using with Hoffman will get some use! Plus biker gang with robots? C'MON! Yes even Guardians. No really, they're good models. Fantastic defensive models with a terrible attack, if only there was a Master that could improve their attacks dramatically.

Also, that warning label.

The Master
Well now. I know nothing about McCabe. Nothing. Currently.

I have faced him only once, in interference and it was a pasteing. However, frankly, this is probably the best result one could of hoped for. Reading through his cards and a few articles/podcast there really doesn't appear to be a strategy he can't do and even in my fledgling machinations one can already see how you'd go about all strategies. I have a checklist for masters that is as follows:

  • Can they push things about? Pushes are amazing, seriously Malifaux gamers are the only folk that get excited about 2-3 inches (hehehehe). Headhunter, interference, steak a claim et al are all made immeasurably easier by some good solid pushes.
  • Can they facilitate interactions? Either by AP exchange or additional activations, anything that requires direct interactions with the opposing crew is made, again, immeasurably easier by a master or method that helps.
  • Killing. Can they straight up kill things or make the crew better at killing things. This one is more nebulous and varied than the rest but of course very important in many Strats/Schemes or frankly play styles (looking at you Panzer).
McCabe fulfills all of the above so I can honestly say I am very pleased due to the huge versatility of The Master.

The Shenanigans

Now whilst some have begun to occur to me, I am sure there is considerably more nonsense that hasn't even begun to permeate just yet. But yes Pale Riders with the sabre late game doing min dmg 7, reactivating Death Marshalls delivering Executioners, and of course all the Hound nonsense.  The shenanigans is strong with this one.

The future is bright, first game tomorrow and not a lot of time left to learn this one.
Time to get Rollin.

Falling at the first hurdle

Well now, I was wrong wasn't I!

First hurdle, bam! Fell straight of the horse. Ha! Horse, irony.  Despite being utterly convinced that it would not be a duel faction master, clearly I was very wrong.

I can pretty much throw away my practice games with Hoffman and Sonnia (whom I've gotten some great games in with and was going to do a game report but there doesn't appear to be much point now). Largely I can chalk my now relevant Guild learnings so far upto "Austringers and Francisco are pretty good right?"

A shame in a way, Hoffman making a peacekeeper min dmg 6 and Sonnia flame wall board control were son genuine highlights of the last few weeks gaming, also im very proud of my Papa Loco paint job who now won't be neccessary. Was very much looking forward to some Brutal Emmissary shenanigans with both of those Masters, but no longer.

So Sonnia and Hoffman go back on the shelf, their tokens and cards removed from my gaming travel pack, time to look to the future!